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Collins-Maxwell Community School District
Board of Education
Thursday, June 22, 2017
6:00 – Regular Board Meeting
Library, Collins-Maxwell Middle School/High School, Maxwell, IA  

The Board of Directors will conduct an exempt session for negotiations strategy session.  Such sessions are exempt from provision of Chapter 21, Official Meetings Open to the Public, as provided in Chapter 20.17 (3) of the Iowa Code.

    •    Call to order, roll call, acknowledge quorum.
    •    Approve Agenda
    •    Welcome Visitors and Public Comment*
    •    Communication and Administrative Reports
    •    SIAC Meeting Update
    •    Summer Facilities Project Update
    •    Information/Discussion
    •    Board Policy – 400 Series (410-414 Policies) – 1st Reading
    •    Action Agenda
    •    Approve 2017 Science Classroom Renovations Project Specifications/Drawings for Bid
    •    2017-2018 School Calendar Revision
    •    2017-2018 School Hours
    •    Consider Approval for Driver’s Permit
    •    Administration Staffing Analysis 2018-2019
    •    Consider 2017-2018 Contracts/Assignments for Administrative and Support Staff
    •    Facility Projects
a. Approve Concrete bid
b. Exterior Signage
    •    Consent Agenda
    •    Minutes
    •    Bills for Payment
    •    Financials
    •    Personnel
    •    Board Policy – 400 Series (400-409 Policies)– 2nd Reading & Approval
    •    Milk Bids
    •    Bread Bids
    •    Facility Project Revisions
a.  Stadium Bleacher Revision
b.  Facility Painting Revision
    •    Board Comments
    •    Adjourn

*Visitors who wish to address the Board should be recognized at this time.  Due to legal requirements of the public meeting laws, the Board will take action only on items posted on the agenda.  Complaints cannot be about personnel.



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CMB Sharing

The Collins-Maxwell/Baxter athletic sharing program originated in 1988 with football and wrestling and has grown to include all major sports, both high school and middle school, offered by either district.

Rationale for Sharing

During the 1986-87 school year the Collins-Maxwell and Baxter school boards met to discuss mutual concerns regarding their respective athletic programs.  The main issues driving the meetings were the continued evolution of surrounding school districts caused by whole–grade sharing and/or district reorganizations into schools with much larger enrollments placed Collins-Maxwell and Baxter student-athletes at an increasing competitive disadvantage.  Simultaneously, this evolution caused continued restructuring of the athletic conferences of which both districts were members (TaMaJa to Mid-Iowa, to Mid Iowa II).  In each case, the relative sizes of the school districts with which to compete became larger.  

At the same time, when compared with other area/conference schools, both districts were fielding football teams with relatively low numbers which necessitated placing younger, inexperienced, and undersized student athletes in varsity competition.  The obvious safety concerns created by this situation were shared by parents, coaches, administration, and school board members of both districts.  

In summary, while the district enrollments and participation rates of Collins-Maxwell and Baxter were relatively stable, the interscholastic "world” surrounding them was dramatically changing, creating a situation where both school boards believed that they were not providing safe or fair opportunities for their respective athletes.  It was also understood that while no sharing relationship would be perfect, this relationship would best address the fairness and safety concerns and, at the same time, have the potential to provide expanded opportunities for student athletes.


CMB HS Participation (2014-2015) - Excel document

CMS MS Participation (2014-2015) - Excel document

CMB Historical Participation - Excel document

CMB Practice Sites

Collins-Maxwell board letter about CMB Sharing - mailed to community stakeholders on 2/11/15


3 Communities

2 Schools

1 Team



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  • Online Registration begins July 5th!

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