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CMB Sharing

The Collins-Maxwell/Baxter athletic sharing program originated in 1988 with football and wrestling and has grown to include all major sports, both high school and middle school, offered by either district.

Rationale for Sharing

During the 1986-87 school year the Collins-Maxwell and Baxter school boards met to discuss mutual concerns regarding their respective athletic programs.  The main issues driving the meetings were the continued evolution of surrounding school districts caused by whole–grade sharing and/or district reorganizations into schools with much larger enrollments placed Collins-Maxwell and Baxter student-athletes at an increasing competitive disadvantage.  Simultaneously, this evolution caused continued restructuring of the athletic conferences of which both districts were members (TaMaJa to Mid-Iowa, to Mid Iowa II).  In each case, the relative sizes of the school districts with which to compete became larger.  

At the same time, when compared with other area/conference schools, both districts were fielding football teams with relatively low numbers which necessitated placing younger, inexperienced, and undersized student athletes in varsity competition.  The obvious safety concerns created by this situation were shared by parents, coaches, administration, and school board members of both districts.  

In summary, while the district enrollments and participation rates of Collins-Maxwell and Baxter were relatively stable, the interscholastic "world” surrounding them was dramatically changing, creating a situation where both school boards believed that they were not providing safe or fair opportunities for their respective athletes.  It was also understood that while no sharing relationship would be perfect, this relationship would best address the fairness and safety concerns and, at the same time, have the potential to provide expanded opportunities for student athletes.


CMB HS Participation (2014-2015) - Excel document

CMS MS Participation (2014-2015) - Excel document

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CMB Practice Sites

Collins-Maxwell board letter about CMB Sharing - mailed to community stakeholders on 2/11/15


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  • Daily Announcements

    March 27, 2017

    Day 142



    1.  Good luck to the HS girls and boys track teams as they compete at the Early Bird meet in Jefferson tonight. Please dismiss the HS Girls & Boys track teams at 2:05 today for a 2:15 leave time.  The track meet starts at 4:30 pm.



    2. MS Girls track athletes practice is in Baxter all week!  Keep an eye on the weather and dress accordingly.  We will be OUTSIDE all week, weather permitting.  Remember:  Water is your friend :)  I have a couple of items I picked up Friday after practice:  Gray hooded jacket, and a gray and lime-green back pack, claim them tonight if they are yours.




    3. If you are planning to take a DMACC class in the fall please see Mrs. Allen for paperwork.  Paperwork must be completed before you are registered for a course.





    4. Juniors/Seniors:  Prom tickets will go on sale today in Ms. Robinson's room.  They are $5/person.  You may purchase them before/after school, during lunch or 5th period study hall. 

    Tickets will be on sale until April 18.  

    This year's menu is pork loin or chicken breast with cheesy potatoes, green beans, pasta, salad, and bread. 

    PLEASE indicate your meal choice (pork or chicken) by APRIL 18.  If we do not have a meal choice for you, you will not have a meal. You can let either Ms. Robinson or myself know your choice.  If you are bringing a guest from another school or an underclassmen, please let us know their meal choice too. 





    5. StreetSmarts will be the company we will be using for Drivers Education. Gary Smith will still be teaching. The program will run from April 5-May 6 on Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm and Saturday mornings from 9am-noon. Also, there is a mandatory meeting with parents on April 5 starting at 6pm.

    Classes will take place at Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School. Specific room details will be sent out by Mr. Smith after registration is complete.

    Registration is done online at streetsmartsdriversed.com or by calling 515-279-1112. 

  • 1:30 Dismissals on Tuesday (August 23) and Wednesday (August 24).

    Zootopia Under the Stars on Friday, September 9! 

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