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Collins-Maxwell Community School District
Board of Education
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
6:00 – Regular Board Meeting
Library, Collins-Maxwell Middle School/High School, Maxwell, IA

1. Call to order, roll call, acknowledge quorum.
2. Approve Agenda
3. Welcome Visitors and Public Comment*
4. Information/Discussion
4.1. School Board Recognition
4.2. Student Data Update
4.3. TLC Budget/Updates
4.4. Parent & Community Survey Results
4.5. MS/HS Updates
5. Action Agenda
5.1. Approve 28E Agreement for Chinese Language.
5.2. Hazard Mitigation Resolution
5.3. Approve Sharing Agreements for Soccer
5.4. 2019-2020 School Fees
5.5. Approve Copier Lease
5.6. Approve Story County Educational Consortium Agreement
5.7. Capital Projects Approval
- Athletic Field Maintenance
- Collins Building Remodel Special Education Room
- Collins Bathroom Dividers
- Fertilization/Weed Control
6. Consent Agenda
6.1. Minutes
6.2. Bills for Payment
6.3. Financials
6.4. Personnel/Job Description
6.5. Disposal of District Property
7. Board Comments
8. Adjourn

*Visitors who wish to address the Board should be recognized at this time. Due to legal requirements of the public
meeting laws, the Board will take action only on items posted on the agenda. Complaints cannot be about personnel.


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17-18 calendar with the following notes:

1. Early out Professional Development days will move from Tuesdays to Wednesdays to allow teachers to meet with teachers from surrounding schools that have Wednesday PD days and allow teachers to not have to leave early to due athletic contests.
2. The change from days to hours provides more flexibility while maintaining the same number of instructional days.
3. The school day at the Middle School/High School building will be extended by 10 minutes, and the school day will go from 8:00am-3:00pm. 

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