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Collins-Maxwell Community School District
Board of Education
Thursday, June 22, 2017
6:00 – Regular Board Meeting
Library, Collins-Maxwell Middle School/High School, Maxwell, IA  

The Board of Directors will conduct an exempt session for negotiations strategy session.  Such sessions are exempt from provision of Chapter 21, Official Meetings Open to the Public, as provided in Chapter 20.17 (3) of the Iowa Code.

    •    Call to order, roll call, acknowledge quorum.
    •    Approve Agenda
    •    Welcome Visitors and Public Comment*
    •    Communication and Administrative Reports
    •    SIAC Meeting Update
    •    Summer Facilities Project Update
    •    Information/Discussion
    •    Board Policy – 400 Series (410-414 Policies) – 1st Reading
    •    Action Agenda
    •    Approve 2017 Science Classroom Renovations Project Specifications/Drawings for Bid
    •    2017-2018 School Calendar Revision
    •    2017-2018 School Hours
    •    Consider Approval for Driver’s Permit
    •    Administration Staffing Analysis 2018-2019
    •    Consider 2017-2018 Contracts/Assignments for Administrative and Support Staff
    •    Facility Projects
a. Approve Concrete bid
b. Exterior Signage
    •    Consent Agenda
    •    Minutes
    •    Bills for Payment
    •    Financials
    •    Personnel
    •    Board Policy – 400 Series (400-409 Policies)– 2nd Reading & Approval
    •    Milk Bids
    •    Bread Bids
    •    Facility Project Revisions
a.  Stadium Bleacher Revision
b.  Facility Painting Revision
    •    Board Comments
    •    Adjourn

*Visitors who wish to address the Board should be recognized at this time.  Due to legal requirements of the public meeting laws, the Board will take action only on items posted on the agenda.  Complaints cannot be about personnel.



2017-2018 District Calendar check Calendar page on left hand side


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Reasons for revised Calendar

Calendar Revisions

The original 16-17 calendar had 1075 hours. Five less than the 1080, which is required. Over the course of the year, we have additional hours to make up from the following events.

  • December 23 – students came to school for 50 minutes. The day was originally a 1:30 dismissal, which is a 4 hour and 50 minute day. The net result is an additional 4 hours to make up.
  •  January 16 – school was cancelled, resulting in an additional 6 hours and 20 minutes to make up.
  • January 10 – we had a 10:10 start, but dismissed at 3:00. This resulted in 30 minutes to make up.
  •  January 17 - we had a 10:10 start, but dismissed at 3:00. This resulted in 30 minutes to make up.

The total hours to make up are: 16 hours 20 minutes.

The reason the updated calendar reduces teacher in-service days at the end of the year from 2 to 1 is the December 23 day of instruction was only 50 minutes. It counts as a contract day for teachers. So, in order to make up the hours of instruction, it was necessary to use an in-service day at the end of the year for instruction.

Also, Board policy permits seniors to not have to make up snow days, so they are able to end on May 12th as originally planned.


17-18 board approved calendar with the following notes:

1. Early out Professional Development days will move from Tuesdays to Wednesdays to allow teachers to meet with teachers from surrounding schools that have Wednesday PD days and allow teachers to not have to leave early to due athletic contests.
2. The change from days to hours provides more flexibility while maintaining the same number of instructional days.
3. The school day at the Middle School/High School building will be extended by 10 minutes, and the school day will go from 8:10am-3:10pm. 

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